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Welcome to Ads Go Global

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:07 pm
by Albert F A Matthews
Welcome, I hope you did not come here to login as I deleted the old forum because it was a out of date system and would of took extra time mucking about with the database to export and import tables.

I did not want that as I wanted to start a brand new freeads forum with discussions and just went with it and if you see the forum before then you know this is a great improvement.

I want to build the forum up slowly with good content relating to many topics around internet marketing as well as discussions about certain things that some people get stuck on with the added free advertising side of the forum where people can post there ads and learn more at the same time.

The domain is not a new domain and has always been a forum since 06/2007 and if you have good knowledge of any particular subject or want to help contribute then please sign up as I have added a VIP section for Great Members or customers of my products.

The forum has took many hours in installing and tweaking it for SEO as I know it in and out and will help anyone looking to place a ad or wants to write about anything they desire in the particular forums we have and feedback can be given on which topics we should cover or remove.

please do register a new account if you was a user of the old forum or if you are new to the forum
then consider registering.

thanks for visiting,