Improve your web sites speed ?

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Improve your web sites speed ?

Post by Albert F A Matthews » Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:06 am

Lets talk websites and speed, how does your web site compare on speed ?

Well Google announced many moons ago about taking into consideration site speed
as part of search algorithm and you can read all about that from the webmaster blog at Google
Now, chances are your site could do with improvements and it may take you a few hours depending on
how many images your website is loading but do not despair yet.

Do a quick speed test over here @pingdom
((notice below the results it gives your images URL and leave it open in your browser))

I just did the forum and here are the results
Not so great and room for improvement and not to make this a big thread and go into css combining
which I know not much about in all fairness and know it will take some work to start improving upon the code,

I can pick on the images that load when each page is visited, Now we are dealing with phpbb forum So,
((WordPress is easy as you can install this plugin called WP Smushit it has got ability to bulk smush))

I can download the images and optimize them in photoshop or some software like that But that is work
I do not want to take on and do not think you want to as well so what is the alternative,

for standalone sites/scripts, I need to collect my image URL's from a site like pingdom above
or download my website images onto my desktop and work from there as you will see the site below
you can add the image link over here at smushit
by choosing the URL tab and copying all my image URL's to a txt document so I can keep track of them.

Now I got my image links in a text file/ notepad++
I can paste those into the area provided by the smushit tool and hit smush.

Mine for the forum come back as " did not find any saving of your image(s)."
OK, what about yourself ? if it did then complete the task and save the files with the file structure in place

because using a software called filezilla you can open the zip
and upload them by looking at the folders in the zip file because it would of kept the file structure
folder for folder and just upload it straight.

Now for my failed attempt at optimizing my images I went over to
and then created my own file structure folder set to keep it in structure for uploading back to the server
like root/phpbb/styles/absolution/theme/images/ what ever structure I need I just create a folder and so on.

First image I did over there I got this result .png only
Now doing my .png files I can save a tidy some of data transfer, well now I got this result from pingdom
Do you see the difference in the statements ? Faster than 95% of all tested websites :D

A massive improvement on the forum load time just from optimizing my .png images
and I bet if I took a different route and downloaded my images back to my PC and then
re-trying my .gif image over at smushit it, that may let me do some, But I am happy.

With regard to using the URL instead of having the images on your PC depends on what site
you use and always try to keep the folder structure in place as it will help if the images or deep
inside your folders.

Other Resources & Information ... opt_images
Thanks For Reading,

Albert F A Matthews
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