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Post by PJoye » Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:48 am

I wanted to let you know about a really cool new opportunity that I found out about very recently –

If you’re like myself you enjoying putting a few quid a week on the lottery. Although unlikely to win the jackpot, I just like the thought of having a chance of winning a life changing sum of money. It became a lot more difficult to purchase multiple tickets for each draw when the price doubled from £1 to £2 and play even more annoying when Camelot added another 10 balls to the Lotto draw

I started looking at online syndicates as a way to get back the edge and maximize my chances without paying a lot every week. I compared all the syndicates and winlottotogether really stood out for me – very professional, clean and easy to use website, something new and fresh so I signed up to try them out. I was pleasantly surprised

If you check out their site you’ll see two group options – gold and platinum. With gold you share 20 Lotto tickets every week for £3.97. Platinum gives you the same 20 Lotto tickets in gold plus another 20 EuroMillions tickets every week but costs a little more at £7.97.

I signed up to Gold to get a feel for the site. After signing up I was allocated to a group within 15 minutes and could see a copy of the tickets for my next few draws. Based on my experience I’ve noticed they upload the tickets every Sunday for the next week and sometimes for the next 2 or 3 weeks. I love the fact I can see exactly the ticket that they purchased from the UK National Lottery themselves which also includes the millionaire raffle codes for our group.

After each draw, I can go online and can see how much our group won and can check my wallet to see how much my share was and what my new balance is. We’ve had some lucky wins of a few hundred pounds but nothing substantial yet. In terms of chances of winning, it’s 1 in 45m for the Lotto jackpot for a single ticket on your own but playing as part of winlottotogether it becomes around 1 in 2m (1 in 2.25m to be exact). So every week you’re 20 times more likely to win as the next guy so much better good odds I figure.

Note that you do share the prize with your 29 other group members but with the rollovers the prizes are getting bigger and bigger and so each share of any big prize is still a huge sum. Also group sizes are much smaller compared to the other syndicates which usually have groups of 40 and 50 plus – check for yourself

So once I’d signed up I was telling a few family members who also signed up. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t see they had a referral programme and if my referrals had put me down as the one who told them about winlottotogether, I would have got £1 credited to me every single week. Ahh! I contacted the team at winlottotogether and told them the situation. They asked me to get the people I referred to drop them a message to confirm this and after that, they agreed to include me in their referral programme and started crediting me £4 a week every week (I had referred 4 persons).

So as I signed up for gold I’m paying £3.97 a week but as I receive £4 every week I’m getting my share of 20 tickets for free which is super cool. I make £4 a week plus my winnings so I’m just making more and more depending on how much we win. I’m just waiting to get really lucky one day with a big win in one of our 20 tickets played every week

More about the referral scheme here

Anyways totally love this site and totally recommend it to you. If you do decide to join and would like to put me down as a referrer that would be amazing! My username is silverbullet :) But seen as it’s monetary you may want to check if any of your friends / family are already signed up and can refer you to get the £1 payment.

Worth noting that it doesn’t matter what plan the person you refer signs up to, you still get your £1 every week as I found out. Also if you don’t have anyone to refer, totally still worth playing as they’re the best value syndicate compared to all the other online syndicates – check for yourself.

So to summarise my experience of winlottotogether
+ Professional and transparent syndicate organiser
+ The actual l tickets are uploaded in advance (not just numbers) so you can see your groups raffle codes too. Also allows you to check as if you were checking your own tickets
+ Easy to use website
+ Very good value compared to all the other syndicates
+ Great support – honestly really cool helpful team over there
+ Great referral programme with opportunity to make money every week

Check them out

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