Analysis of the importance of bearing lubrication after inst

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Analysis of the importance of bearing lubrication after inst

Post by vuitfs » Tue May 13, 2014 2:04 am

  (1) a large number of bearings, cleaning first with a temperature of 90 ~ 100 ℃ heat oil pour hot to melt encapsulated oil, at the same time with a seamless net tools to dig all the old oil, then pour hot a few minutes, then rinse with kerosene oil, clean with gasoline again finally. After washing clean, the bearing on film gloves should be worn in the workbench of dry clean cloth or paper.
  (2) before the Structure Of Bearings is installed, should use the appropriate measuring tools according to the provisions of the technical requirements on the design drawing to check shaft and hole and the relevant parts of the processing quality (such as dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy and surface roughness, etc.).
  (3) installed in the open the bearing assembly, put it into the liquids such as gasoline with handle gently gently turning, to ensure the cage, encapsulated oil on the surface of the rolling element and raceway thoroughly washed clean.
  (4) with clean the surface of the assembly shall be clean gasoline, kerosene, toluene and xylene solution clean, dry and clean duster cloth, and then coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, it can make the operation more convenient installation.
  (5) note with sealed bearing do not clean with this law, the interior of the seal should remain the same do not wash.
  (6) of shaft and bearing hole assembly there such as bruising, burr, rust stain on the surface or solid particles (such as abrasive dust, sand, clay), not only can make the bearing installation difficulties and make the installation position is not correct, and solid particles such as falling into a bearing inner grinding effect, when bearing rotating grinding or bruising bearing surface of the work, so must be carefully checked before the installation, if found to have the above defects, should be revised. For example using oil file to remove burrs, bump touch mark, rusty spot, with fine abrasive cloth lighting, and like a clean solid particles, dirt, etc.
  Lubrication effect the performance of the NTN bearing mainly can be divided into the following several aspects:
  1, the first is lubricated bearing parts, reduce the bearing friction and wear;
  2, make the bearing rolling contact surface is often appropriate oil film formation, extend the fatigue life of bearing;
  3, through lubrication away bearing interior because of the heat generated by the friction or other reasons;
  4, through the lubrication of bearings, reach the role of rust and dust.
  The two main bearing lubrication grease lubrication and oil lubrication
Grease lubrication of filling grease in the seal type bearing in advance sealing way, and in the shell internal filling amount of grease, every once in a while to supplement or replace the packing way for fat. Moreover, there are many bearings need lubricating machinery, also USES the pipe connection to the lubrication for lipid concentrate way. Grease lubrication can do a grease filling after long time don't need to be added, and the structure of the sealing device is also relatively simple, so widely used. Oil lubrication is relatively simple. Often can improve the service life of bearing lubrication.

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