Temperature to judge the direction of the damaged bearings

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Temperature to judge the direction of the damaged bearings

Post by oYWorq » Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:28 am

Korea's bearing vibration.
Direction bearing vibration is very sensitive to the damage, for example, xiushi damage cracks, consumption, and so on in the direction of the vibration, minimize signs of particularly important, therefore through explain the impact of the frequency of vibration, can measure the size, etc.) the impact of vibration frequency through involvement in the deduction of the specific circumstances. Period of values, and guidance of the use conditions or set the position of the sensor, so must rely on mechanical comparative analysis for value judgment standard.
Second, the temperature of the guide.
The direction of the total temperature and the temperature on the moon, foreign need to directly determine the ball as far as possible the outer SKF 608-GHK Bearings http://www.ghk-bearings.com/SKF-608-Dee ... ng-43.html oil, the best temperature.
Experts think, the temperature rising slowly in the direction of using stable state direction 1-2 hours. Guide sanreliang machine warm sense ability, normal temperature and different speeds. If set based appropriate lubrication, rise to jizhou for bearing, high temperature have been required to run the party, it should stop.
Ronald Reagan, that can be used to monitor work, in order to prevent the correlation between temperature and temperature guidingzhi or stop the automatic alarm axis accident happened.
Often and abnormal high temperature and weather conditions. High temperature lubricant direction but is also harmful. Sometimes, can overheat direction to lubricants and monarch. Our long-term transfer 125 ℃ than lower bearing. The background of the direction of high temperature lubricating base oil, lubricating oil with insufficient or too much. I almost impurities contained no burden of steel bearing gap insufficient youfeng, friction and so on.
The continuity of the direction of the temperature monitoring requirements, if considering other parts or bearing is important. Under any conditions, if the operation failed to temperature changes.
On a regular basis and right in the direction of the temperature, help the thermometer. For example, accurate digital thermometer temperature and temperature ℃ or guidance unit.
Important guiding significance to the loss of the temperature sensor of the appearance of the equipment, these should be self-destruction.
Normally find or just after the lube base oil, natural and temperature rise, 52 in a row.

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