The locomotive bearing group load device application

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The locomotive bearing group load device application

Post by vuitfs » Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:32 am

  It must be noted that, was found to be the size of the defects are relatively small. For example, the size of the corrosion sag to 5205 mm; The depth of the power loss for 7 mm, length of 35 mm. This shows that 11 type of bearing analyzer can early detection of defects.
  11 type bearing life analyzer locomotive FANADE Bearings - BARDEN Bearings components of on-board diagnosis system includes the following components: analysis components: this component is the purpose of the processing and analysis of data from the sensors, and information about the state of the bearing is formed; Also control the whole system. Is the purpose of the piezoelectric sensor, the sensor readout checked bearing unit status information. Piezoelectric sensors directly on the bearing body (or bearing parts cover), and pass on the shielded cable protection hose connected with analysis components.
  Is the purpose of the display module: this component displays information about the current state of bearing parts, and to the locomotive crew signal malfunction and take the necessary measures. Right; On the left. The armature commutator. The armature reducer; 1 the driver chamber; 1, traction motor; 2, traction motor; No. 3, traction motor; 4, traction motor; 5, traction motor; 6, traction motor; The driver side chamber.
  Independent energy storage module: this module is the purpose of the present technical status of data storage have been component, so that subsequent application equipment with life expectancy statistics and probability function to deal with these data.
  Based on the acoustic emission method of bearing parts on-board diagnostic system structure diagram object; Round about, traction gear box, traction motor bearing parts; The sensor; Speed sensor; Acoustic emission piezoelectric sensor; Collection and analysis of the results; Analysis of components; According to the present information and fault information; Color image display; The accumulation of data and storage; Independent energy storage module.
  Containing the on-board diagnostic system of locomotive, in use due to decreased in regular work and material cost, so the daily maintenance and repair cost reduction; Extended walk between the two repair line km; Reduces the locomotives staff how busy. Using acoustic emission diagnosis process can be turn-back sets up a motorcycle repair shop, this section efficiency, service system.
In the new creation and the prolong life overhaul locomotives on the diagnostic system can improve the use of locomotive cycle, can ensure the equipment properly and timely maintenance, improve Russia locomotive train in neighboring countries and the European market competition ability.

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