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It's not easy being clean and green!

To be quite frank climate change is not the only reason to go green. @ our focus and goal at is to create sustainable intellegent energy that theaches people how to fish and feed their families while becoming energy independent. Why rely on others to get your energy when you can produce it yourself and we are empowering a new generation of Eco-Friendly energyproducers. Now you can create your own sustainable energy like the big power companies. is much like the open source software sweet by the opensouce software foundation an organizaiton teaching people how to download free opensouce software and not be held hostage by giant software giants who make billions of dollars from you. It's time for everyone to get prepared for the 22nd Century TODAY start producting your power for FREE!!! That's my thoughts what are yours and keep in touch.

Our Products
Disaster/Emergency 9K Solar Power Generators
Disaster/Emergency 3K Solar Power Generators
Disaster/Emergency 6K Solar Power Generators

Disaster/Emergency 36K Solar Power Generators

Disaster/Emergency 18K Solar Power Generators

The Alternative Eco-Energy Man

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